Indoor Kennels

Standard 4x6 Kennel


The standard kennel is 4x6 with a privacy panel between each so the dogs cannot see each other. This reduces anxiety and barking.

Standard 4x6 Kennel


Each 4x6 inside kennel also includes a dog door to allow the dog to go to their own private outdoor space as well.  

Extra Large Kennel


NEW is the extra large room kennel to accomodate many dogs or the large breeds. Also has a large dog door to a large 10x5 outdoor kennel area. 

Other indoor kennels


There are two additional indoor kennels for those smaller pets that do not enjoy the outdoors and only have potty breaks as a typical house dog would. 

  • Each kennel is cleaned and replaced with new freshly washed bedding and sanitized dog bowls for every new pet guest.
  • Dog cots and blankets or large beds in the large kennels are supplied. 
  • Stainless water and food bowls are supplied.
  • We only recommend you bring your own food to keep your pet on its proper diet.